Converting Closets to Office Space

Dated: April 17 2018

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For many, the dream is to have a significant home with lots of living space. Unfortunately, having lots of space is often too expensive or not possible in the area where you live. When someone works out of the home or telecommutes regularly, it is necessary to have a home office to work out of. Thankfully, there are lots of options for even the smallest space to create an office. Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities for a home office you can that can build out of good closets, nooks or other crannies in your home.

Make Space your own

With a little imagination and space, you can create an office out of a closet. Since you will be spending a lot of time in your home office, make it personal. Decorate with colors that will make you more productive. Decorate with pictures of your family, or put decorations up for specific holidays or special occasions. If you have space, you can even include sports memorabilia. Find a comfortable, ergonomic chair that will fit your space. Make sure you are comfortable and at home with an area because you will be spending a lot of time here during work hours.

Make it functional

It is essential to make space a comfortable place to be, but as necessary is for it to be practical. Make sure you have the space required for your desktop or laptop computer and printer. When trying to work with a smaller area, shelves are a necessity for creating more space for other essentials like papers and other projects you are involved in. You may need to have a space for an office phone or different ways to communicate to the office. If a door is not available for the office space, you could put a curtain up to maintain some privacy for calls.

Make it productive

When you are in a home office, you will need to be in a relatively distraction-free area. Make sure all the items you need are within reach of the room that you will be in. There are other ways to store things, even if you need to save them in other areas of the room. When you have a family that is at home with you, make sure to establish rules dealing with interruptions, especially when it comes to phone calls or conference calls. Having all the necessary items in your office can help with the distractions.

When it comes to having a home office, it is always helpful to have a separate space, but it doesn’t have to be a vast space if you are creative and make good use of the space you already have.


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