Being a Good Houseguest

Dated: June 5 2018

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There is usually a time of the year that you want to get away from work and school and other responsibilities and go on a vacation. You might not always get to go to a fancy resort or go camping. Maybe you want to visit family and stay with them. When this happens, you may not be aware of the strain it may cause someone to host you. Remember to treat your host how you would want to be treated. Here are some helpful tips on being a good house guest.


A gift is a kind gesture for your hosts. You know that they have spent a lot of time getting ready to bring you into their home. A well thought out gift will go a long way to showing your gratitude for allowing you to stay in their home.


By purchasing some groceries, you are telling your host that you know how much time and expense it can be to stay with them for more than a few days. An easy way to let them know you are willing to help out is to ask them where the closest grocery store is. Picking up items you want will not only show your host you are not expecting them to provide all the food, and it shows them foods that you like and are perhaps allergic to so they don’t serve you those items.

House Rules

You are probably interrupting a hosts daily routine. Since this is the case, be considerate of the host’s rules before your time there begins. A husband or wife may still need to go to work, a baby may have a sleeping routine, or kids may still be in school. They might have a particular bedtime or live in an area where there are quiet hours. Be cognizant of any routines or rules a family may have so you don’t make a more hectic household for them.

Lend a Hand

A host is going to do a lot more work for you, so be kind and offer to help out. Help out with the dishes and dinner, or offer to watch the kids so the hosts can go out for a night on their own. Whatever you do, try to make the host’s life a little bit easier.

Be clean and conservative

A host will have to make up your bed, provide you with towels, and shampoo and soap. Be cautious with the amounts of things you use. Reuse the towels, take it easy on how much soap and shampoo you use and be kind when it comes to making the bed every morning, so the host doesn’t have to clean up after you. Right before you leave, make sure to take all the linens off the bed, fold them up and leave the bathroom and bedroom clean, so the host will only have to do minimal work to clean up after your visit.

Thank Them

Thanking a host is mandatory, but go the extra mile by sending them a well thought out thank you note. They will know you appreciated your time together and saw that it wasn’t just another visit for them.

Most of these things are not hard to do and will go a long way toward building a good relationship with your host. If in doubt, just think how you would want guests to treat you if you were visiting their house.


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