7 of Utah’s Best Fishing Spots

Dated: 07/17/2018

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Although Utah is known for its world-class winter activities, our great state boasts beautiful scenery, abundant wildlife and some outstanding fishing holes. Check out one of these hidden gems before summer ends!

  1. Starvation State Park

Known for is great walleye fishing, Starvation State Park hosts an annual walleye fishing tournament, the Starvation Walleye Classic. This recommended reservoir also provides opportunities for catching crawdads and is located off of I-40 near Duchesne.

  1. Pelican Lake

There is good news for anglers and bad news for fish at Pelican Lake. Recent surveys of this Uintah Basin lake show that there is an overabundance of largemouth bass and bluegill. Also, recent repairs to the pier allow anglers to reach even deeper or more water. Aquatics managers are encouraging the targeting of carp to reduce the biomass build-up at the lake.

  1. Sand Hollow Reservoir

This southern Utah gem is well known for its boating and wakeboarding, but beneath surface lies excellent bass fishing opportunities. Located north of St. George on SR-9, Sand Hollow Reservoir is ranked by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and local anglers as a hot spot for fishing. Adventurists also enjoy the many campsites and trails.

  1. Otter Creek State Park and Reservoir

This central Utah reservoir boasts excellent fishing opportunities year-round with fly fishing all summer long and ice fishing during the winter. One of the oldest dam projects in Utah, Otter Creek Reservoir is stocked with rainbow trout and a limited amount of bear lake cutthroats.

  1. Utah Lake

For those interested in catching channel fish, walleye, bluegill fish and white bass should look no further than Utah Lake. Also, a growing population of largemouth bass has become available. You can use hard plastic crankbaits, tailed worms and/or grubs to catch the walleyes and largemouth bass. Although there are plenty of access points on the lake, we recommend the marina in Prove on Center Street. The marina offers family-friendly fishing opportunities complete with picnic tables, pavilions and volleyball nets.

  1. American Fork River

This river offers great fishing from the mouth of the American Fork Canyon all the way up to Tibble Fork Reservoir. This river is stocked with brown and rainbow trout all year long. Floating a night crawler down the river does the trick on this river. For more tips and tricks on catching trout, check out this article.

  1. Huntington North Reservoir

This Emery County well-kept secret is booming with a white bass and striped bass hybrid called wipers. Biologists introduced the wipers in 2009. They have been flourishing due in part to a hefty food supply of Utah chub and green sunfish. People have reported catching 6-pound wipers all summer long. You also can find lunker largemouth bass and brown trout in the Huntington North Reservoir.

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